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  • I understand that whilst using these emergency management applications I must adhere to the Information Privacy Principles and further legislation set out in the Victorian Privacy and Data Protection Act 2014. I understand that health Information must be collected and dealt with in accordance with the Health Privacy Principles contained in the Health Records Act 2001. By continuing , I agree that I am an authorized user and accept that I may be personally liable for the misuse and disclosure of personal, health and other information for purposes unrelated to the prevention, preparedness, response and recovery phases of emergency management.

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Before logging in to LADIS please make sure you clear your internet browser cache (browser history).  The preferred browser for LaDIS is Google Chrome.  When using LaDIS please also ensure you enable pop-ups in your browser.


INTERNAL USERS CAN NOW LOG IN USING THEIR FIREWEB USERNAME AND PASSWORD. All DELWP, Parks Victoria, VicForests, Melbourne Water and DEDJTR staff already have a user account in LaDIS. To log in, click Organisation Log In and type your FireWeb username and password. For further information, click Links in the bottom of the home page and read the quick reference guide How to Access LaDIS for Internal Students.


LaDIS is Forest Fire Management's training management system for fire and emergency management.  It aims to deliver a centralised system to help manage the scheduling and delivery of training and assessment services for DELWP, Parks Victoria, Melbourne Water and VicForests. The system is available to all Forest Fire Management Victoria personnel and contractors and sector partners supporting FFMVic's fire and emergency management activities.  

To access LaDIS see the relevant Quick Reference Guides below:

How to Access LaDIS - Internal Students Only (DELWP, Parks Vic, VicForests, Melbourne Water, DEDJTR)

How to access Online Courses - Internal Students Only (eg. DELWP, Parks Vic, VicForests, Melbourne Water, DEDJTR)

How to access Basic Wildfire Awareness (BWA) Online - External Students Only (eg. Plant Operators, Wildlife Carers)

If you have any queries regarding LaDIS, go to the following website (JIRA Service Desk Application):